Even when we’re not lost, she…

Even when we’re not lost,

She’s afraid we will be found,

That our families will know where we are,

Our employers will call,

Our exes will appear.

She tells me to put the GPS away,

To not stop for directions,

To keep driving.

Even when we are not lost,

She wants us to take the wrong turn.


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2 responses to “Even when we’re not lost, she…

  1. I wrote this during last Thursday’s meeting of the Kenosha Writers’ Guild.

    Robin hosted a workshop on stimulating creativity through writing prompts.

    The starter for this one was, “Even when we’re not lost, she…”

    (From “The Write Brain” workbook by Bonnie Neubauer.)

  2. Vilija

    it made me think..All good thoughts..V.Y.

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