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Just Middle-age and Gratefulness

2015-07-20 Sunset

Every evening after dinner
I walk the tree-lined side street
That leads from my house

I don’t begin the walk at a specific time
Tonight first,
I washed the dishes

Then I started out
With nothing in mind
Just middle-age and gratefulness
And what to do next

Trees and worries and birds and plans
Until the houses ended
And the ball-field began

And like the other evenings
The sky grew big
No houses or trees to block it

The giant sky
One great, low cloud
And below…the sharp, round sun
Burning orange
Then setting behind distant trees

The persons driving cars
East on Ninth
–They missed it

Instead they looked at me
The guy standing at the end of West Broadway
Facing the sun and smiling

In khaki pants and a white undershirt
Like he hadn’t bothered to change
From work

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Lenses – Poem 1 of 30 for National Poetry Month


I see better
When I look through lenses made
For me

Way ahead, that street sign’s
White letters have edges
Straight and curved against the green aluminum

At home
The book’s black-ink letters
Rise from the cream-colored page

When it’s this clear
It goes straight into my mind
It goes right into place

Good for what I’m about to see
Now, to get something for
Everything else

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Cloud Ride


When you tell your friend
Look at that cloud!
She probably won’t see it
Like you do

She won’t see its golden left
Catching the November sunset
Or its bluish right
Looking for the moon-rise

She won’t see its grey underside
Getting larger as it gradually comes down
Onto you, like a saucer in a sci-fi movie
The kind they stopped making

It’s the disordered dishes
And the unopened mail
The jumbled bed cover
And the bag that needs to go out

You say, Look again!
And she says,
In a few minutes
After I do these things

But you know clouds
Always moving, always changing
And before she’s done
This one has landed and taken off

And you’re up in the dark blue
Being carried southwest
Higher and higher
To the brilliant evening star

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