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Just Middle-age and Gratefulness

2015-07-20 Sunset

Every evening after dinner
I walk the tree-lined side street
That leads from my house

I don’t begin the walk at a specific time
Tonight first,
I washed the dishes

Then I started out
With nothing in mind
Just middle-age and gratefulness
And what to do next

Trees and worries and birds and plans
Until the houses ended
And the ball-field began

And like the other evenings
The sky grew big
No houses or trees to block it

The giant sky
One great, low cloud
And below…the sharp, round sun
Burning orange
Then setting behind distant trees

The persons driving cars
East on Ninth
–They missed it

Instead they looked at me
The guy standing at the end of West Broadway
Facing the sun and smiling

In khaki pants and a white undershirt
Like he hadn’t bothered to change
From work

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Except the Sun


I speed north on the UP line
Passing everything

The early evening train is unslowed
By a white fog that rolls ashore
As from a giant block of dry ice

Above the mist
A cover of gray hides the sky
But not the sun

Perfect circle, not yellow, not orange
Gray-white, like a full moon
Which I can’t study, but for a few seconds

I look
Then look away

It’s featureless

I speed north on the UP line
Passing everything

Except the sun

It’s at my left
And, though far away
Moves with me

It’s the only thing I’m bringing home

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